Wear Plunge Dresses With Deep & Fuller Cleavage!

Provide cleavage and support

Instant Lifting & Push Up Effect

Great for lower necklines plunge outfit

Fits all women of any size, shape or height




What Makes Us Different

Don't let the bra ruin your style!

Designed for daring tops and beautiful gowns that plunge to the belly button or lower. It is a perfect partner for lower necklines as the low centre front and wider-set straps mean they are the perfect bra to wear under plunging dresses and tops as they simply disappear! Recommended for extremely dramatic
 plunging necklines of 6” or more

 Instant Lifting & Push Up Effect

Wear this Plunge Bra Kit to get the support and look you want! It can shape a beautifully rounded breast and fix it firmly in place! The stainless-steel bra design is extremely durable and comfortable as it flows with your body when you move. The pusher paddles can plump your breasts and push them together to create a deeper and more lively cleavage.

One Size Fits ALL

This bra is suitable for all kinds of cups, from A to E, you only need to manually adjust to get the size and effect you need, you don't have to worry about choosing the right size, which will effectively save your time. The reusable silicone strapless bra can fit perfectly. It is very comfortable to wear, and there is no worries about wearing it out.

Package Inclusion: 

For both V-shaped/ U-shaped - Plunge Kit will include
  • 1x Plunge Bra (V-shaped/ U-shaped)
  • 1x SILK BAG
  • 1x Bra Strap- Although not necessary to wear, we've included an optional black strap. This provides added security while becoming more comfortable wearing the bra.
  • 1x VOLUMIZING PADS- One pair of pads for comfort and to round out the look under clothing once your breasts are pushed together.