The Secret To Lifting Your Girls Without Anyone Knowing!

Made with the ultimate goal to boost confidence in women, the bra kit gives you the cleavage and lift you would've never imagined! It is strapless, frontless and backless so it goes on with any outfit in your wardrobe! Fits women of any size, shape, or height. 
  • Adjustable Bra – Adjustable to shallow, moderate, and deep profiles to suit a variety of dress styles and find the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.
  • Soft Rubberized Coating – Thick proprietary rubberized spray coating to maintain a comfortable wearing experience for long periods and maintains temperature to the wearer’s body in any temperature and weather.
  • Anti-Slip Silicone Stickers – Two pairs of included silicone stickers specially formulated to be long-lasting and biodegradable, and sensitive to all skin types while maintaining great contact with the skin.
  • Strong But Flexible – Hand-picked stainless-steel type for flexibility to suit all body types and dresses while also being durable enough to maintain the original shape even after wearing it hundreds of times.
  • Soft European Foam – Exceptional softness for prolonged wearing periods without the fear of getting clothes marks and rashes.

      What Make Us Different


      Designed for daring tops and beautiful gowns that plunge to the belly button or lower. It is a perfect partner for lower necklines as the low center front and wider-set straps mean they are the perfect bra to wear under plunging dresses and tops as they simply disappear!


      It can shape a beautifully rounded breast and fix it firmly in place! The stainless-steel bra design is extremely durable and comfortable as it flows with your body when you move. The pusher paddles can plump your breasts and push them together to create a deeper and more lively cleavage.


      This bra is suitable for all kinds of cup sizes, from A to E, you only need to manually adjust to get the size and effect you need.


      Frequently Asked Questions
      How does it work?

      The frontless backless bra is a new take on the conventional strapless bra that provides minimal to no support to your chest when wearing low-cut tops and dresses.

      The paddles push your breasts upwards and provide excellent support and the foam pads make it comfortable for long hours of wearing, and the stainless steel bar maintains the shape and position simply by gently laying flat against your abdomen and stays the same temperature as your body with our special rubberized coating.

      Wearing the frontless backless bra makes it completely invisible to the naked eye as the steel bar is cleverly designed to be low-profile and hidden carefully underneath the empty space of your dress or shirt.

      Is it comfortable?

      Yes, we have tried and tested to ensure that it is comfortable to wear all day in any condition as if you’re wearing (almost) nothing at all! We sourced European foam for the pads for comfort and no risk of getting rashes and blisters, and the bar is coated with our special rubber material that is incredibly soft to the touch and matches your body temperature!

      Is it durable?

      Yes! The bra may feel light when you first pick it up, we chose materials to build the frontless backless bra that strikes the fine balance between making it as lightweight and comfortable as possible to wear for a long time, and durable to last you an entire lifetime!

      How do I wear it?

      To wear it, point the bra towards your chest with the bar pointing away from you. Secure one side of the foam pad to the outer side of your breast and ensure that it is making good contact with the silicone sticker already applied to the inside of the foam pad, repeat for the other side. Once done, wear your desired clothing of choice to hide the bar. And with that, you’re done!

      What cup size is suitable for the frontless backless strapless bra?

      From our rigorous testing and countless feedback comments from our customers, we’ve observed that the smallest cup size that you can benefit from using is around 30A/B and the largest we’ve seen at 44J!

      What's included in the kit?

      A frontless backless strapless bra kit includes:
      1x Invisible Lift Bra
      1x Silk Bag
      1x Black Bra Strap
      2x Anti-slip Silicone Stickers
      2x Volumizing Pads
      2x Nipple Cover